MEAL TIMES – HALL – ‘Grab and Go’ (no seating)

  • Sunday – Saturday inclusive – 7 days a week

  • Breakfast: 0800 hrs---1000hrs – (collection from Hall for all students)

  • 1000 hrs – 1030 hrs – closed for deep-clean

  • Coffee/Teas and Snacks: 1030 hrs – 1130 hrs – (collection from Hall for all students)

  • 1130 hrs – 1200 hrs – closed for deep-clean

  • Lunch: 1200hrs – 1430 hrs – (collection from Hall for all students)

  • 1430 hrs – 1700 hrs closed for deep-clean and preparations for sit-down dinner


  • Dinner: 1700 hrs – 2020Hrs (7 days a week; (6 sittings – last sitting 2020 hrs with max 30 minutes per sitting) for all those on the meal season ticket plan.

  • Timed-slots will be strictly allocated by Household numbers to ensure contact
    tracing; social distancing and the ability to staff the sittings in compliance with H&S/PHE and University guidelines.


  • A sit-down dinner in the Friend Room: 1700hrs – 1940 hrs (7 days a week; 5 sittings – last sitting 1940 hrs with max 30 minutes per sitting)

  • The timed slots of 30 minutes will be by pre-booked on-line only. Meals must be booked by 1000 hrs on the day BEFORE dining. There is a strict limit of 15 diners per timed sitting only, so please only book if you are sure you are able to attend the sitting. As those living in Liddell and SAQ 4 & 5


  • Breakfast and Lunch are ‘grab and go’ only for all diners. All food will be served from behind the counter by Front of

  • House staff. All food will be ‘pay as you go’ with contactless (cashless) system. No cash will be taken. Food is to be taken to be consumed in rooms/offices or outside.

  • Dinner will be a set three-course menu (including catering for special diets which have been notified and agreed in advance with the Hall Manager). Each household will be allocated a timed slot of 30 minutes and there will be a period of 10 minutes to allow for cleaning.

  • SPECIAL DIETS: The College can provide a limited number of special diets. In order to qualify for a special diet, students must make contact with the Hall or Deputy Hall Manager who will arrange for a Microsoft Teams meeting to discuss their requirements: A special diet card will be issued which the student must carry with them when dining.

Breakfast Menu

  1. Continental b/f: 1 x croissant; butter and jam with a regular coffee OR 500ml carton of orange juice: £2.00

  2. Cooked breakfast with choice of 5 items (egg, bacon, sausage (quorn/meat), hash brown and baked beans), (condiments in sachets) with a regular coffee OR 500 ml carton of orange juice: £2.75

  3. Cooked breakfast with choice of 3 items, (choice of 3 from the following: egg, bacon, sausage (quorn/meat), hash brown and baked beans), (condiments in sachets) with a regular coffee OR 50 ml carton of orange juice: £2.20

  4. Large Danish Pastry £0.85


Lunch Menu

  1. Soup and Roll: £1.50

  2. Main Course (meat) with vegetables: £4.00

  3. Main Pasta dish: £2.50

  4. Vegetarian Main dish: £2.50

  5. Boxed Salad Main Course: £2.50

  6. Baked Pastry of the day (Sausage Roll, Pasties, Pies) £Priced Daily

  7. Packed Sandwiches/ Baguette £2.50

  8. Jacket Potato with fillings: £1.50

  9. Dessert (Brownie, Flapjack, Tray Bakes etc.) £1.00

  10. Muller Yoghurt £1.00

  11.  Piece of Fruit: £0.55

Dinner Menu
A three course meal
First Course: Soup and Bread roll, Butter/Spread
Second Course: Main Course with vegetables and a bottle of water
Third Course: Hot or Cold pudding/dessert


  • Masks must be worn by all those entering or exiting all catering areas.

  • All diners and staff must sanitize their hands when entering and leaving dining areas.

  • To avoid lengthy queuing, the queue will not be permitted to extend beyond the entrance to Schools Quad fromTom Quad. If the queue is too long, then Front of House Staff will ask diners to return later. Those queueing for dinner should only arrive 5 minutes before their allotted time so as not to impede those who have an earlier time slot from entering on time.

  • Social distancing in the queue must be maintained at all times. Front of House staff will monitor the queue and will say when diners can enter to collect their breakfast/lunch ‘grab and go’ meal or when there are places for them to sit down for dinner. 

  • Diners are asked to check the menu before entering (this will be circulated by email as well as posted outside dining areas) so that they can be quickly served on entry.

  • Front of House Staff will take temperatures before allowing entry into catering areas. If someone has a higher than normal temperature they will be asked to leave the queue and wait a few moments to be retested. If the second test shows a high temperature they will be asked to return to their room and arrange to speak to the Nurse/a member of the Welfare Team. They may be asked to contact the Lodge to arrange for an Early Alert System test for Covid. They should not return to the catering area.

  • Front of House staff will also check the Bod card of the person dining and will check that they have come at the right time for their household.

  • Once inside the Hall/McKenna Room social distancing must be maintained and dinners must follow the floor markings. Chairs should not be moved around as these have been placed to ensure social distancing. Similarly, diners must follow the one-way system when exiting and continue to maintain social distancing. At dinner, diners may remove their mask once they are seated but should not place their mask directly on the table – either they should place in a pocket or bag. All diners must put masks on before leaving the table to exit the dining area.

  • Know your household number and come at the correct time.

Final Dinner Allocation


Key points:

  •  Remember to bring your Bodcard to dinner every time!!

  • Informal at 6pm

  • Formal at 7.15 - remember to wear your gown!

  • Remember to bring your diet card (if you need one)


Informal and Formal:

Informal is a faster paced dinner, where you will queue to collect food. Formal takes longer and involves the food being brought to you course by course. Gowns must be worn for formal dinner, and a latin grace is read before food is served (all you need to do for this is stand!). The buttery bar is open before formal if you’d like to buy wine or any other drink for dinner - these can be paid for by card or bodcard, but there is a limit to the amount you can spend on your bodcard.

Formal Fridays: We are currently trialing Formal Friday - dinner at normal formal time on a Friday with some favourite dishes, where smarter dress is worn - shirt and smart trousers/skirt, dress, jumpsuit


Special diet cards:

At the start of a new year, anyone who wishes to have a special diet needs to go and get a new dietary card (even if you have one from last year).

To do so, go to the office in hall (on the left hand side, after the entrance) at a non-meal time and let them know what sort of card you require (e.g Vegetarian, Vegan, Pescatarian, Halal, etc). Please take a passport size photograph of yourself, or your bodcard so they can put a picture of you on the dietary card. The card will be issued then and there, and you must remember to take it with you to every meal!! This helps reduce food waste, and makes sure that you will be given the meal you have signed up for. If for any reason you stop needing a dietary card, make sure you return to the office and inform hall so they can update their records.


If you have an allergy you will need to go and get a special diet card that indicates this. Give the card to the hall staff at every meal and they will be able to check with the chef that the dish is safe for you, and if not they will provide the alternative.

Every day a list of all of the allergens in the food for that day will be put up on a board just before the red doors to hall on the left - make sure you check this before going in and take responsibility of your own health!

Meal plan:

Everyone living in college is automatically subscribed to the dinner meal plan - on this, dinners cost £2.38 a day and you are charged whether you attend dinner or not. Students living in Liddell are not on the meal plan. You can choose to opt-in if living in Liddell, or opt-out if living in college, by emailing the Steward: If you are not on the meal plan, you must email the hall manager: by 11am on the day, or by 11am on Saturday for Sunday night, in order to attend dinner. In this case you will be charged £3.54 for dinner.

Inviting Guests:

If you ever want to invite a guest to formal dinner in hall, you will need to email, and inform them how many guests you would like to bring and on which date. Make sure to do this in plenty of time, as it needs to be agreed by hall. Deadline is usually 11am on the day, or 11am on Saturday for Sunday night, but if possible do it before then!

Usually only 2 guests will be allowed to come per dinner, but you can always try asking for more which will be at the hall managers discretion. It costs around £8 per guest, and this will be added to your battels.

Guest Dinners

Guest dinners are special, formal, black tie dinners that happen twice a term. The dates for these are typically Friday of 3rd and 7th week (with the exception of the third term Trinity, when the second is Thursday of 8th week in order to avoid clashing with exams).

A ballot is run to determine who will get tickets to these dinners. The ballot will be run as far in advance of the dinners as possible, to ensure there is time to invite guests. An email will be sent out with a link to the poll to enter the ballot, and the results will also be sent out via email. If successful, you will be able to bring one guest. If for any reason you are unable to come, you need to let me know as soon as possible, and your space will be offered to the next person on the ballot who was unsuccessful.

Everybody has one priority pass a year for guest dinner. The pass doesn’t guarantee a space, but gives you

an increased chance over people who did not use a priority pass. You can use your priority pass when

balloting, but be warned that the guest dinners in Trinity are often oversubscribed, so you may not be

able to go even if you’ve used your priority pass. Members of the JCR committee receive two priority

passes, and priority passes don't roll over between years.

The cost of a guest dinner ranges from £29 to £40pp. A seating plan will be put together before the

dinner, and I will take requests of groups that would like to sit together. If you feel there is nobody going

that you know well, I will try to place people on tables with people in the same year - GD is a great time

to chat to new people! After GD everyone foes to the Undie for POB.

Other special dinners

Occasionally, there will be other special dinners in hall, and these will be clearly indicated on the menu.

If there is any dress code required, or sign up needed, this will be in the email with the menu.

Some examples of special dinners include Holiday dinners, or charity dinners (where a slight additional

charge is paid and donated to a chosen RAG charity).

Breakfast and Lunch

Self service breakfast and lunch is available in hall each weekday from 8 to 9am and 12:30 to 1:30pm respectively. Brunch is available from 11am to 1:30pm at weekends. This is paid for through your bod card which can be topped up in advance at - this is cheaper than paying using credit/debit cards. Guests are allowed.