Executive Officers


I lead and coordinate the efforts of the JCR. I sit on the standing committees of the governing body of Christ Church. I tend to also deal with a lot of miscellaneous queries.

Email: jarnail.atwal@chch.ox.ac.uk


Second Year, PPE

Jarnail Atwal

Keble Ball pic.jpg

My role as JCR treasurer involves arranging the budget for the various JCR reps, keeping track of our expenses and making sure that everyone is able to get reimbursed with any expenses paid towards the JCR as soon as possible!

Email: flora.windebank@chch.ox.ac.uk


Second Year, French and Italian

Flora Windebank


I work closely with the JCR executive to communicate with the censors about the needs of the JCR. I also chair general meetings of the JCR, these are where members can propose and vote on motions affecting the JCR as a whole

Email: sebastien.laclau@chch.ox.ac.uk

Vice President

Third Year, Maths

Sebastien Laclau


My job is to take a summary record, or minutes, of all JCR meetings. I then distribute a record of those every week. Before this I was the Freshers’ Rep so I am always happy to speak to students in a welfare capacity as well! 

Email: honor.brocklebank-fowler@chch.ox.ac.uk


Third year, English

Honor Brocklebank-Fowler

Elected Representatives

John and I are responsible for organising welfare events around college and act as a port of call for any queries or concerns about emotional well-being

Email: niamh.twyford@chch.ox.ac.uk

Welfare Rep

Second Year, History of Art

Niamh Twyford

I'm responsible for the arts life in college. For example, facilitating creative events (most notably ChCh Arts Week) and circulating information about arts opportunities all over the uni and city.

Arts Rep

Second Year, English

Chinma Johnson-Nwosu

It’s my job to act as a point of contact between the JCR and college when it comes to anything to do with food or hall. I organise special dinners in hall such as Guest dinner.

Email: lucy.hurford@chch.ox.ac.uk

Food Rep

Third Year, Biology

Lucy Hurford

I run the room ballot and liaise with the college about accommodation and environmental issues

Email: rebecca.rogers2@chch.ox.ac.uk


Third Year, Biology

Rebecca Rogers


Niamh and I are responsible for organising welfare events around college and act as a port of call for any queries or concerns about emotional well-being

Email: john.ryan2@chch.ox.ac.uk

Welfare Rep

Second Year, Computer Science

John Ryan


I coordinate the Christ church sports teams and organise events throughout the year

Email: lucy.scruton@chch.ox.ac.uk

Sports Rep

Second Year

Lucy Scruton


My role is to help distribute careers advice, help organise networking events as well as advertise key careers deadlines and events.

Email: sarina.chadaria@chch.ox.ac.uk

Careers Rep

Second Year, Geography

Sarina Chandaria

I represent the JCR’s views on the hall menu for people with special diets, and also am responsible for the JCR cafe.

Email: alexander.illsley@chch.ox.ac.uk

Special Diets Rep

Third Year, Law

Alex Illsley


Nigel and I are this term’s Entz reps. We organise loads of social events in college (most importantly BOP!) and are in charge of club tickets.

Email: charlotte.banks@chch.ox.ac.uk

Entz Rep

Second Year, PPE

Charlotte Banks


RAG stands for “Raise and Give” so I help to get college involved in raising money for charity

Email: lucia.lamoury@chch.ox.ac.uk


Fourth Year, Oriental Studies

Lucy Lamoury


Emily and I organise Fresher's Week and are here to help freshers with any problems they have throughout the year.

Email: luke.dunne@chch.ox.ac.uk

Freshers Rep

Second Year

Luke Dunne


Charlotte and I are this term’s Entz reps. We organise loads of social events in college (most importantly BOP!) and are in charge of club tickets.

Email: nigel.yau@chch.ox.ac.uk

Entz Rep

Second Year, PPE

Nigel Yau


RAG is an extremely exciting and important role. The two RAG reps organise a number of events to raise money for the fantastic charities chosen every year

Email: james.mulvey@chch.ox.ac.uk


Third Year, PPE

James Mulvey


Luke and I organise Fresher's Week and are here to help freshers with any problems they have throughout the year.

Email: emily.peel@chch.ox.ac.uk

Freshers Rep

Second Year, Classics

Emily Peel


I deal with the concerns of anyone from an ethnic or religious minority regarding college life and settling in

Email: mehr.fahran@chch.ox.ac.uk


Third Year, PPE

Mehr Fahran


I represent the constituency of OX4 1EQ. Message me if you have any questions regarding Liddell

Email: clare.conroy@chch.ox.ac.uk

Liddell Rep

Second Year, Psychology and Philosophy

Clare Conroy


I give people cake - every student is able to order one free cake from me a year

Email: victoria.walls@chch.ox.ac.uk

Cake Rep

Second Year, Engineer

Victoria Walls


Represents Christ Church's interests as part of he Oxford SU

Email: nico.stone@chch.ox.ac.uk


Fourth Year, Classics

Nico Stone


My job is to ensure that everything in everyones favorite watering-hole, the college bar (the Undie'/'Chundie'), is ship-shape. A large part of the role is liaising with Emily, our Bar manager. Contrary to popular/my own belief, Bar Rep does not receive free pints for the whole year.

Email: angus.irving@chch.ox.ac.uk

Bar Rep

Third Year, English

Angus Irving

Appointed Officers - These positions are elected by the JCR Committee


I am on hand to help with concerns relating to anything under the LGBTQ+ umbrella. I organise events throughout term, keep the JCR up to date with queer news and act as a signpost for support!

Email: arun.smith@chch.ox.ac.uk

LGBTQ Officer

Second Year, Law

Arun Smith


Laura and I get involved with and communicate access events and projects to the JCR to reach out to students underrepresented at Oxford, to inspire them to apply.

Email: jack.palmer@chch.ox.ac.uk

Access Officer

Second Year, Biochemistry

Jack Palmer


I'm here for any of your gender equality related needs or concerns. I take care of aspects of college life to improve overall gender welfare (including subsidised sanitary products, and organising events)

Email: krishna.kadiwar@chch.ox.ac.uk

Gender Equality Officer

Second Year, PPE

Krishna Kadiwar


I represent the interest of the international students at college. Message me if you need any help or have any international-related questions/concerns!

Email: yehrim.park@chch.ox.ac.uk

International Officer

Second Year, Lawyer

Jenna Park

Sonia Kalcina photo.jpg

I'm here to answer any IT or wifi related questions! I also maintain the JCR website.

Email: sonia.kalcina@chch.ox.ac.uk

IT Officer

Fourth Year, Maths

Sonia Kalcina


I help people with mental and physical disabilities make use of the resources available to them and am a point of information for queries.

Email: ariana.verme@chch.ox.ac.uk

Disabled Students Officer

Third Year, Chemistry

Ariana Verme


Jack and I act as links between the JCR and the college to encourage applications from under-represented students in Oxford, including first gen, state school educated, and working class students. 

Email: laura.gisseleire@chch.ox.ac.uk

Access Officer

Second Year, History

Laura Gisseleire


I’m here to represent and support JCR members from non-selective state schools, working-class and low-income backgrounds, care leavers and estranged students. Feel free to get in touch if you have any concerns

Email: eleri.harry@chch.ox.ac.uk

Inreach Officer

Third year, History

Eleri Harry


I run college elections and manage the JCR space - email me to book the JCR.

Email: eoin.simpkins@chch.ox.ac.uk

Returning Officer

Third Year, Maths

Eoin Simpkins

Attached Positions - These positions are elected by the JCR Committee


I’m in charge of all the JCR sound equipment. Main job is looking after the BOP set up.

Email: orlando.jones@chch.ox.ac.uk

Sound Engineer

Third Year, Music

Orlando Jones


I coordinate the peer support system within the college

Email: tegan.ohara@chch.ox.ac.uk

Peer Support Coordinator

Third Year, Fine Art

Tegan O'Hara


I am the Telescope Rep. I will notify the JCR of upcoming astronomical events

Email: ravi.kohli@chch.ox.ac.uk

Space-time Rep

Second Year, Engineering

Ravi Kohli


Send any library related queries, whether book/seating/WiFi related, my way!

Email: joseph.grehan-bradley@chch.ox.ac.uk

Library Rep

Third Year, History

Joseph Grehan-Bradley


I'm in charge of Sampras, the CHCH tortoise, and take him to garden parties in the summer.

Email: eleri.harry@chch.ox.ac.uk

Tortoise Rep

Third Year, History

Eleri Harry


I'm in charge of organising and compiling the annual yearbook.

Yearbook Editor


Election Timetable:

Michaelmas Term

2 RAG and Charities Reps*
2 Freshers Reps
2 Entertainment Reps*

Returning Officer

IT Officer

Peer Support Coordinator

Hilary Term

Vice President.
Food Rep

Special Diets Rep
Arts Rep
Careers and Development Rep


2 Entertainment Reps*

LGBTQ+ Officer

Yearbook Editor

Space-Time Rep

Disabled Students Officer

2 Access Reps

Gender Equality Officer

Trinity Term



Bar Rep
Cake Rep
Male Welfare Rep
Female Welfare Rep
2 Entertainment Reps*

Inreach Officer

International Rep

Sound Engineer

Libary Representative

* must run as a pair

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